5 Sensational Indian Dishes That Will Change Your Life


5 Sensational Indian Dishes That Will Change Your Life

Indian food is the combination of sensational aromatics and spices combined together in different quantities to have a different effect every time. Some Indian families claim that the complex Indian recipes they cook today, are inspired by the Mughlai descent. Although it is not easy to cook an Indian dish to perfection, you can pick up some tips and tricks along the way in your food journey.

For now, here are some of the most celebrated Indian Dishes:


Of course, biryani is at the top of the list. The beloved dish is cooked with multiple variations to cater to the taste buds of every region imaginable. Although biryani is a versatile dish and can be cooked with chicken, beef, lamb, eggs or just with vegetables, the long list of aromatics remain the same. Some families even have a recipe passed down through generations, incorporating more than 22 spices! However, complicated as the dish may be, the perfectly cooked Basmati long grain rice, infused with the flavor and color of saffron and marinated with the most amazing spices, is perfect for big family dinners and special occasions.


The soft little clouds of fermented batter, made with ground rice and lentils, is an amazing breakfast option. Although it is mostly full of carbohydrates, it is still extremely healthy due to the cooking preparation that involves steaming. The batter is poured into a circular mold to form the shape of the Idli. It originated in South India, but has become famous all over the world due its light and airy texture.

Gulab Jamun

As a little kid, the first thing that you probably saw when you went to a confectionary, were those shiny, little balls of golden Gulab Jamun, dripping with golden sugary syrup. These little balls of happiness are usually made with dried milk or Khoya, and then they are fried to an even golden brown color in a consistent heat. What happens next is magical. They are dropped into sugar syrup infused with rose water to absorb the delicious flavor with the first bite of these yummy treats sending you straight to food heaven.

Chana Bhatoore

It is basically a spiced chickpea curry, which is usually served in a Sunday breakfast or brunch. The curry is made with the juiciest tomatoes and an amazing blend of spices and garnished with sliced onions and fresh coriander leaves for a spark of flavor. They are usually complimented with a floury bread, known as bhatoore, which is fried in oil until it resembles a little golden brown space ship.

Pani Puri

It is one of the most popular street foods in South Asia and for good reason. The light golden, hollow and crispy shells are made with a special dough, and then fried until they increase in size. These are then filled with spiced chickpeas, chopped onions, potatoes and the amazing tamarind sauce. While eating these, the spicy dipping sauce will surely cause your tongue to burn, but the explosion of a hundred different flavors will force you to eat more.

This list of Indian dishes celebrates the Indian heritage by combining the most popular and the tastiest Indian dishes together. If you grew up in a traditional South Asian household, you might have experienced most of them. And if you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try them out. Because if you don’t, you are missing out on something great!

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