Bakery and Books-Bodhi Books


Bakery and Books-Bodhi Books

Every now and then while sipping professionally brewed lattes that don’t just look and smell good but tastes just as divine, a common regret that accumulates deep down in our hearts is the absence of a good book with us.

The last few years have undoubtedly brought about an explosion of cafe culture in Kathmandu but it’s strange that none has fully capitalized on the idea of marketing books and coffee together. After all, what on earth could be more luxurious than a comfy sofa, a good book, some and a steaming hot cup of coffee?

Cafés and restaurants aren’t just places to eat, drink and make merry anymore. The western culture has taken over and cafés and restaurants are becoming hotspots where people also head to get some work done, relax and read.

In Kathmandu, there isn’t any lack of such places. Bodhi Books And Bakes is such a place, where you can get some nice lunch while completing that work assignment or just sit back sip on a drink and read in peace. It is a cozy little place that is a half library and half bakery. Located in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu in close proximity to Bhat-bhateni, it is easily accessible.

Bodhi Books and Bakes has a lot to offer; from cookies, pastries, and cinnamon rolls, to a cozy place where you can relax and read. The best thing about Bodhi is that you don’t need to take one with you; there are many books you can choose to read from as long as you read it there, and they even have books on sale. The lovely smell of books mixed with the delicious aroma of coffee and cakes, Bodhi is sure a place of heaven for all bibliophiles and cinephiles.

Neatly arranged furniture, soft traditional Nepali music, and stacks of well-managed books give a strange feeling of satisfaction. It feels right, it feels like home. The bookshelf covers about 1/3 of the café, and the books are neatly arranged on the shelf. The books are categorized according to their genre and placed in an alphabetical fashion, making it convenient for readers to find the books that peak their interest. The place would make any bibliophile holler with excitement!

Last words, Bodhi Books, and Bakes is a place for quiet people, who love books and cakes. It isn’t ideal for group outings since you might destroy the atmosphere for other bookworms. Bodhi Books And Bakes differs from other restaurants and cafés because of how simple, serene and adorable it is. Do watch out for the prices, as it lies on the expensive side. And finally, get that coveted Chocolate Brownie as it’s the best thing to have existed on the lifetime of human evolution.

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