Bangladesh’s biggest enemy- Air pollution

Bangladesh’s biggest enemy- Air pollution
Bangladesh’s biggest enemy- Air pollution

Bangladesh’s biggest enemy- Air pollution

Mankind is scared of pollution. Pollution is our biggest enemy. Why should we not be scared of it? The climate change that you are experiencing right now is because of what humans have done to the environment. Humans have severely harmed the environment for their own benefits and comfort. Think about the black and grey exhaust fumes which old vehicles would pass into the air. That exhaust contributed heavily to global warming. The use of CFCs in air conditioners was responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer. Well, things have gotten better over the years and even Bangladesh has banned vehicles with dark exhaust fumes. However, the air has already been populated and there is no going back.

Bangladesh is currently the 4th country with the worst quality of breathing air. Yes, in you are a citizen of this country then the air which you are most probably inhaling is harmful to your body. In fact, the people living in major cities should be more aware of this. Urban air is filled with filth and dirt.

Reasons for air pollution

  • Burning fossil fuels: Bangladesh gets energy from burning fossil fuels. People in the rural areas do not have proper access to energy. They make use of animal waste and other things for cooking. When they burn all these things, harmful pollutants are released into the air. All these pollutants ruin the quality of surrounding air.
  • Industrial pollution: Release of pollutants from industries is a major cause of air pollutions. Industries do not care about air pollutions. They do not follow proper protocols and release harmful smoke into the air. They do this because purifying waste air would cost them money but obviously industrialists are only concerned about maximization of profit. They tend to forget that this pollution will affect them in the future.
  • Emission from transportation: Exhaust fumes from the transportation system are the major cause behind air pollution in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. The urban cities are more densely populated compared to its rural areas. People living in the major cities of Bangladesh experience horrible traffic every day. The number of vehicles on the road is just way too much for the country to handle. These vehicles are releasing harmful fumes into the air every minute which is degrading the quality of air for everybody. Previously, a majority of the vehicles used a two stroke engine which released harmful gases like lead. However, like previously mentioned, the government strictly discourages the use of a two stroke engine in vehicles now.


The country should control its air pollution. The whole country lies on a delta. Severe rises in temperature will lead to a rise in sea level. A small rise in sea level can drown the whole country! Hence, Bangladesh should start paying a lot of attention to reducing pollution in the air. If it does not then there might not be any future for the country.

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