The challenges Bangladesh faces in the health care system

The challenges Bangladesh faces in the health care system
The challenges Bangladesh faces in the health care system

The challenges Bangladesh faces in the health care system

Good mental and physical health is the antidote to a happy life. Healthcare is very important. This is because as people start to age their level of health changes. You cannot be perfectly fit all the time. You will fall sick sometimes and during those times you need proper medicine to get your health back.

Bangladesh has developed its healthcare system tremendously in the recent years. The country has brought in experts from other countries. Moreover, many diseases can be treated easily now which was not possibly 10 years ago. The country has come a long way. However, Bangladesh is still facing a lot of challenges when it comes to healthcare

  • High population growth: the population of Bangladesh is about 160 million. The population is still increasing rapidly. The country does not have sufficient hospitals or clinics for the whole of its population. Public hospitals cannot accommodate so many people. The toll of diseases is increasing too. This is because the number of old people is rising. The life expectancy of Bangladesh has been greatly improved. Therefore, Bangladesh needs to invest more in its healthcare system
  • Poverty: why do you think the people of Bangladesh are exposed to so many different diseases? This is because half of the population if very poor. The rate of poverty reduction is very poor in Bangladesh. Therefore, the country still suffers from the lack of sanitation and nutrition. As a result, people fall sick often and become victims to horrible diseases.
  • A broad range of diseases: Bangladeshis suffer from a wide spectrum of diseases every year. Dengue and malaria are very common diseases in the country. Diarrhea is common among the poor. There has been a rise in the number of people infected with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Diseases which result from substance abuse are increasing throughout the country because the young generation is widely exposed to drugs and alcohol. The number of cancer patients has risen sharply. Arsenic poisoning is still a threat to all the citizens. Bangladesh has to deal with all these diseases with its current healthcare system. The present healthcare system needs rigorous development since the pressure is enormous.
  • Budget allocation: the government’s allocated budget to healthcare can be considered negligible. Yes, there are public hospitals which provide treatment and medicine to poor people for a very small amount of price. However, these hospitals are not equipped properly. These hospitals do not have the sufficient amount of beds, medicines or doctors to treat incoming patients. Therefore, a lot of poor people have to return home empty handed and without any treatment.
  • Malpractice: Corruption is taking over the healthcare system too. There are fraud doctors who do not have proper degrees. In addition to that, medicine is sold illegally from public hospitals by officials. Therefore, there is a lack of medicine in public hospitals.

The people of Bangladesh do not possess enough healthcare knowledge. The government needs to raise awareness among the common people. Diseases like dengue and malaria can be brought under control if people are fed with preventive techniques.

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