DIY- PVC Pipes Home Decor


DIY- PVC Pipes Home Decor

Who would have ever known what those plain old PVC Pipes could do wonders? Well, now you do. PVC Pipes are not just for home and water piping but has more to it than you would have ever imagined. They are perfect for creating you own do-it-yourself home decor stuff. It’s easy it’s cheap, and it’s fun! Almost everyone has some

Almost everyone has some pieces of PVC Pipes lying around in their home. Don’t worry if you don’t because they can be found pretty easily and for a low price at any hardware store.

Here are some of the awesome PVC Pipe DIY projects for you!

PVC for Storage:

PVC Pipes are perfect for storing things. They can be transformed into perfect holders for almost anything. Cut some pieces of PVC Pipes to the desired length of the stuff you want to store. You can keep wine bottles, brushes, pens, and pencils, or even shoes. Just make sure you chose the right size of the pipes.


PVC for Vase:

PVC Pipes make a great vase for small plants and big as well. Just take a PVC Pipe, cut it to your desired length of the vase. Use a hard cardboard and cut it to the size of the circumference of the pipe. Use the cut cardboard piece to cover one of the openings and seal it tightly with strong glue. Paint the pipe just as you like. And you’re almost done! Fill it with soft soil and keep your plants.


Simple, easy and beautiful!




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