Effective Ways to Handle Teenage Rebellion and Defiance


Effective Ways to Handle Teenage Rebellion and Defiance

As a parent, you must have faced the dilemma of ill-mannered behavior, back talk and disrespect from your young teenage kids. As your kids grow up, this change in behavior often leads to a strained parent-child relationship and the home gives off the vibes of a battlefield. Let’s take a look at a few beneficial tips to handle teenage rebellion in the best possible ways.

Always Be Respectful Towards Your Growing Child

You need to understand that children don’t learn from your preaching, they learn from your examples! If you teach your kids to be polite and respectful but do so in an impolite manner, then all your efforts will be futile. Children start accepting your own behavioral attitudes from a very young age and start showing them as they grow up. Therefore, if you’ve been shouting and yelling at your kids, it’s time to retreat and adopt a polite attitude. You’ll be amazed to see the difference in your child’s reaction.
Also remember, it’s not just about your words, the delivery and tone of your language makes an equal impact. Hence, instead of yelling at your child from the adjacent room while looking at your phone, go up to them physically, make a gentle eye contact and convey your message in a civilized manner. The trick can do wonders to alter your child’s annoying attitude.

Team-Up with Your Teenager to Find Solutions for Constant Disrespectful Situations

Take your kid by surprise by actually calling a meeting and ask for their suggestions about how to deal with a chronic problematic situation. Such as, if your child is constantly rebellious about starting homework on time, you can have an adult talk and come to a mutual consensus where both of you should make certain compromises. If you’ve been extremely particular about starting the homework at 7 pm, you can make it 7:30 pm. This flexible attitude from your side will make your child less stubborn and resentful and you may start witnessing genuine efforts of obedience and compliance from your kid.

Appreciate Your Child at Their Good Behavior

Always compliment and praise your child at their positive behavior. Comments such as, “I loved the way you held the door for that elderly lady, you’re really a true gentleman in the making” or “I appreciate how you did the dishes today without any sighing or complaining. That was truly helpful”, will have miraculous effects on your child’s behavior. People blossom, improve and shine when showered with genuine appreciation!

Don’t Be Too Impatient For Immediate Compliance

Don’t expect instantaneous obedience from your kid after making changes in your own behavior. Give them some time to process the changes and get used to these new developments. For instance, you might have to appreciate and compliment your child constantly for weeks, before they start trusting the sincerity and genuineness of your comments. Remember, no one believes in overnight changes. Once your child come to terms with your changed behavior, their own attitude will start changing automatically and they’ll become more respectful and considerate.

Make the best use of these tips and develop an exemplary parent-child relationship with your young one.

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