How to get a Great Bargain on a Property During the Holidays


How to get a Great Bargain on a Property During the Holidays

The holiday season i.e. November to January, can seem bleak if you place a house on the market, but there are distinct advantages to this strategy. For one thing, buyers tend to be way more serious and willing to compete in the market at this time since they don’t have a lot of competitors to face. However, before you decide to place a house on the market you need to decide whether selling would be in your best interests. Once you have committed yourself, prepare to reel in some serious buyers this holiday season with the following tips:

  Market to motivated buyers – Anyone who is house hunting before Christmas rather than shopping for presents must have a very good reason for doing so. These can be people who are relocating to take up new jobs elsewhere, investors who are on a tax deadline or even military personnel who are about to be deployed. Marketing to them will allow you to make a faster sale since they will be more motivated.

  Decorate for the Holidays – just not too much… – If you love the holiday season then you might be tempted to deck the halls to make your property stand out. While you will be doing a great job in capturing the holiday spirit, you might be overdoing it for potential buyers. Decorations that are too large or gaudy may put off conservative buyers. If you have to decorate, adopt an Autumn theme for your property to make it more presentable during the holidays.

  Maintain Curb Appeal – Speaking of the fall season, you need to ensure that your property looks great inside and out and in this season this is more important than ever. The leafless trees will also expose your home further and critical buyers will not miss anything during their visit. To increase its value, give the walls (both inner and exterior) a paint job, clean the gutters and rake up the leaves before they arrive. If it is snowing, give their safety priority by shoveling snow off the walkway and by placing rugs before the door.

  Make the home cozy and inviting to visitors – No one likes walking into a chilly house and the same is true for a potential buyer. Make an unforgettable impression by offering them hot cocoa as soon as they arrive and make sure you crank up the heater as well. Play soft music to ease the mood and make them more relaxed. Serving fresh holiday treats piping hot from the oven may also relax them enough to make a purchase.

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