Increasing crime in major cities of Bangladesh due to urbanization


Increasing crime in major cities of Bangladesh due to urbanization

Bangladesh is a well-known country across the world because this is the only country where the citizens fought for their language. Bangladesh gained its independence in the year 1971. Since then it has shown tremendous signs of development. It is still climbing its stairs to advancement. However, alongside its development, the country has witnessed a sharp increase in its crime rate.

Bangladesh is a small country with a large population. The country has mostly been rural. But in recent years, the urban areas have developed a lot. Since the whole country is rural, most citizens prefer to travel to the cities to get facilities and for employment opportunities. Therefore, basically most of the population of the country is packed into the four major cities which are Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna and Rajshahi.

A dense population in the four major cities does have some merits like increased productivity. However, the density of population has also brought in increased crime. The city is too small to accommodate these many people. Moreover, the city does not have a lot of job opportunities anymore for people. Hence, a good number of unemployed people are roaming the streets.

If a person moves from the village because of employment, he or she migrated because he or she is in dire need of money. These people are moving to the cities in hopes of getting a good job. Obviously, they have some responsibilities back home and would want to send some money back in the coming months. However, after migrating to the cities they cannot find good jobs. A lot of them cannot even find an employment opportunity. These people need a shelter and they even need some food to survive. How will they pay for their basic expenses if they do not have any money? Well, they get involved in crime.

There are hundreds of thieves in the cities. There is an endless list of crime in the cities. You will not be able to finish that list. Crime is not just stealing a wallet or a book from the book store. Yes, these are small kinds of crime. The city is filled with con artists. There are people who will try to get some money out of you by telling you a sad recent accident.

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