Lilly Singh Releases Her New Book|How To Be A BAWSE!|Prebooking|


    Lilly Singh Releases Her New Book|How To Be A BAWSE!|Prebooking|

    If you’ve been on youtube for a while, I can bet you’ve heard about Lilly Singh, aka SUPERWOMAN!

    She is the burning star of the youtube community and slowly the entertainment company itself. Her humour in her videos and her personality are the best assets of her success today.
    From a depressed teenager to a writer, a rapper, and now a YouTube Sensation! She not only has collaborated with many famous celebrities such as Madhuri Dixit, Selena Gomez, Dwane The Rock Johnson but has also already released her movie and have been starring in different other movies as well.

    Well, there’s a great announcement that she only dropped yesterday on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon that she is finally released her first book! Well, the book is not readily available yet, but you can pre-order it on the website .

    “I am so thrilled to write my first book and share, all in one place, what I’ve learned about achieving success and happiness. This journey has taught me to always pick yourself up, not allow anything to stand in your way and that the only secret to achieving your dreams is hard work.” — Lilly Singh

    Comment down below and let us know how happy and excited all you unicorns are for her new book!

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