New Year Resolutions You Will Actually Want To Keep


New Year Resolutions You Will Actually Want To Keep

Most people indulge in making New Year Resolutions. Making a list is not a hardship. Keeping in tune with them, and actually attempting to stick to the pledges, is a different matter altogether. Whether it’s a weight loss resolution or a pledge to travel more, after a while, all the plans fall apart. According to a new research by the University of Pennsylvania, only 77% of people follow their New Year resolutions up to six months, after which only 40% remain on their due course. But it doesn’t have to be a hardship. We have compiled a list of New Year resolutions, which you will surely want to keep.

Revitalize Your Eating Habits

Eating clean doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Take a tip out of the boy scouts manual and be prepared. Meal prep will help you during your busy and hectic days. One of the enemies of healthy eating is staying hungry, which urge you to binge later. Therefore, keep snacking on a healthy trail mix or fruits to eliminate falling into deprivation mode. This will allow you to eat healthy for a long term.

Self Evaluate

Find out why you were unable to achieve your goals last year or what is holding you back. When you know the reasons why you craved sweets late at night, or why you are not fitting into your skinny jeans, you will be able to motivate yourself to do better.

Reboot Your Workout Options

Don’t get hung up on a specific exercise routine. Revitalizing workouts will help your body lose more weight. After continuous exercising, the body goes into a stagnation mode. Avoid this by surprising your metabolism with a change in your daily physical activity.

Reward Yourself

If you achieve your goal on a weekly basis, reward yourself with a manicure/pedicure, or get a artisan donut from your bakery. Providing an incentive to yourself will help you stay motivated.

Reduce Stress

Eliminate anxiety and strain from your life and take time out for yourself. Read a book, listen to your favorite music while doing laundry, or while doing the dishes. Sing, paint or watch your favorite TV show. It is crucial that you realize what makes you relaxed and happy. Relaxing after a busy day will help you stay vitalized and prevent you from suffering a psychological or physical burn-out.

Cut Out a Bad Habit

Say no to a particular thing or habit for a week. Set a weekly goal of avoiding sodas, sweets or dairy. If you learn to just say “sorry, I can’t”, you are one step closer to getting rid of an undesirable habit forever.

Take Time Out for Yourself and Meditate

Take deep breaths when your mind is becoming overloaded during a hectic day at work. Most of the people who are unable to stay true to their New Year resolutions complain that they were too tired to focus. This is the reason why it’s crucial that you maintain your energy levels by taking a pause and stimulating your mind for 2-3 minutes before continuing your work.

Keep a Record of Your Accomplishment

Download an app, keep a diary, make a to-do list or join an online supporting community. Whichever method you choose, sharing and recording your journey will motivate you and increase your enthusiasm.
The secret to maintaining your goals is to keep them realistic and achievable. Commitment and persistence will be your ally when it comes to remaining true to your New Year resolutions. So adjust your behavior a little and make place in your life for some new and positive habits for a favorable change.

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