Selling ‘Pani Puri’ for charity- Nepal


WRR(Women’s Romm Reloaded), a rising group of girls that began with a normal facebook group, conducted Pani Puri event on 8th of May in Kathmandu. With the main aim of collecting charity for their upcoming event, Briddha Bhoj. The group consists of only female members and they started as a secret group on facebook that contained only female members. The ‘Pani Puri’ event has been initiating all across the country focusing on major cities such as Chitwan, Biratnagar, Kathmandu, Butwal, etc.

WRR has been conducting various social events since the past few months. After a grand success of their two major events – Rally Against Women’s Violence and Candle Light Condolence event for the sake of lost souls during the earthquake, the group has actively been participating in different social events and contributing to the society with exceeding enthusiasm.

The head admin of WRR, Shraddha Chhetri says,”We believe that our group has worked very hard and tough for the betterment of the society even though is in the initial phase of its social life. We do not believe in asking and collecting heavy foreign funds, but instead, we work for it and earn it. The Briddha Bhoj event, which is a feeding and healing program in the old-age homes of different parts of Nepal.”

WRR is a rising social group which has great intentions of the betterment of Nepal and the world. This progressive group of women has been actively working for the good of the society and promises continue to doing so. They have a lot of other upcoming creative and socially benefiting events.

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