Shopping Tips for Your Fabulous Indian Wedding


Shopping Tips for Your Fabulous Indian Wedding

So you are gearing up for a fabulous Indian wedding but are on a strict budget? The worst thing is that once you start making the rounds for your bridal lehengas, that amount will whittle down extremely fast. Even though this item is one of the most expensive ones in a typical Indian wedding, but with the following tips, you can still get a great deal:

Tip#1 – Forego the typical lehenga

If you want to get a traditional lehenga for your wedding, then be prepared to take out the big bucks because designer ones don’t come cheap. They can go up to Rs. 250,000, or $4,500, to Rs. 1,000,000, or $17,000, depending on the brand or designer you choose. Finding one for a mehndi is especially difficult and is perhaps one of the reasons why having one made can drill a hole in your budget.

Be a smart shopper to save yourself from those figures. For one thing when you enter the store, don’t ask the shop keeper to show you a bridal lehenga or a bridal anything for that matter. Just say you are in search of a sangeet outfit; this is a cheaper option and if you give them hope that you are searching for one for your wedding, the price will go up accordingly. They may even lower the price for the same lehenga if you play this right.

Tip #2 –Improvise for the Design

Rather than buying an extremely expensive bridal dress with the works, purchase a cheaper lehenga and add some embroidery on the blouse and the dupatta yourself. This way you won’t have to pay a penny and even if you will have to hand it over to the tailor, he won’t ask for much. Whatever you do, do not tell him it’s for your wedding! You know why.

To make your own style, you can choose to buy the skirt from one store and buy a blouse that can match your preferences from another. This is actually the most expensive part of the dress – be prepared to pay a hefty sum if it is embroidered. But it has to be heavy so that the entire dress looks great in photos. Most store owners will not charge extra if you ask them to add a motif on the dupatta as well to make it heavier.

Tip # 3 – Reduce the borders

Believe it or not but just reducing the border of a lehenga by even 1 inch can shave off Rs6000 ($600) or Rs12000 ($120). A small reduction in the border will not be noticeable and if the shop is willing to do it, do not let go of that chance. The same is the case with dubatta borders. Taking a few centimeters off both can help you acquire your dream Indian wedding dress without going over budget.

An Indian wedding is one of the most lavish ones that anyone can witness so you can imagine how expensive one can get. Hopefully, these tips will help you remain within your means and ensure a memorable event.

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