Social media in Bangladesh


Social media in Bangladesh

Almost everyone knows that Bangladesh is a poor and developing country. Moreover, people also know that this country has the highest population density in the world. However, do you know how social media is an integral part of the Bangladeshi people?

A few years ago, a 40 year old would not have known how to use the internet on the computer. Bangladesh people were hardly exposed to technology. The people of Bangladesh were living a simple life. The introduction of social media has completely changed the face of the country.

When you look into a Bangladeshi home these days, you will notice that almost all of the family members are using one sort of social media. You will see a 60 year old father browsing through Facebook. A 50 year old mother will be busy talking to her sister on Viber. The 25 year old son of the family will be updating his recent success on his LinkedIn profile. Moreover, if there is a toddler in the house, he or she will be occupied watching cartoons on YouTube on a tablet. Yes, Bangladesh is greatly exposed to social media.

People of the country love social media. They are continuously using social media for communication or for gaining information. Social media has opened a door for small entrepreneurs. There tons of people who have big dreams of opening a business but most of the times these people have to crush their dreams. However, social media has changed the fate of these small entrepreneurs. People can easily start their businesses online or on Facebook without making any major investment. There is no need to own a physical store anymore. You will see numerous Bangladeshi stores on Facebook.

Social media has revolutionized the lives of women. A woman who has two infants cannot really get out of the house. It is not possible for her to work in a company either. This is because this woman is busy with their two toddlers and she has to look after the house too. But, with social media, this woman can have their own business. She does not need to get out of the house even! She can sit in her cozy room with her toddlers and control the whole business from her laptop. In this way, hundreds of Bangladeshi woman are working from home and they are very successful.

Large businesses in Bangladesh are also reaping benefits from social media. Businesses can market their services and products to a massive group of people for a very small amount of people! Social media marketing is more effective than traditional marketing techniques. Social media has also created a lot of employment opportunities. There are bloggers who can write for different websites or their own blog and earn money. The demand for graphic designers has risen to a new height. Furthermore, many busy students can work part time for different businesses as social media content manager. Bangladesh always had a lack of part-time jobs for students. The introduction of social media has brought a transition in the money making ways for people.

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