A Step-By-Step Guide for Spring Cleaning Your Closet


A Step-By-Step Guide for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Hey! It’s almost spring, and you know what comes before that. And no, we are not talking about the frigid winter. We are talking about spring cleaning. It’s that time of the year again, when it’s time for you to re-organize your closet, get rid of stuff you don’t wear anymore, that is out of fashion or doesn’t fit your anymore.

Most people have a busy and hectic schedule and keeping your closet clean throughout a season can be a little difficult, to say the least. Most people are guilty of messy closets. So instead of beating yourself up on that fact, plug in your headphones, take a deep breath and attack your closet with a renewed enthusiasm to organize it to perfection. Here is how you can do that!

1    Start With the Shoes

If you are guilty of strewing your shoes on the closet floor for the better part of the year, it’s time to change your strategy. Not taking care of your shoes can cause them to looks ragged. To avoid that, invest in shoe storage boxes, clear plastic shoe boxes or cube organizers. Moreover, inspect each pair of shoes and evaluate which one you really want to keep and which ones should be transferred to the donation box.
If you are holding onto a pair of sneakers or gladiators for sentimental value, get rid of them, they are hogging precious closet space. If you have large storage boxes, it is often smart to insert pool noodles into your over-the-knee boots and other winter shoe wear, and store them until the next winter. This can help you create a lot of closet space and make it look neat and tidy.

2     Organize Your Bags

The next on the list are bags. If a have a couple, that’s alright, but if you have a dozen or more, then you need to organize and downside. Even if you are a dedicated bag collector, every season getting rid of two or more can help you keep your collection interesting. Donate a couple of bags or give them to a friend who once lusted after them. Next, keep your tote bags and clutches at a high shelf and hang your over-the-body and long strap bags on hooks.

3     Headwear

If you have hats in your collection, invest in a wall mount to arrange them artfully around your room or closet space. Remember, if the hats show a frayed edge or ragged design, throwing that hat, fedora or wool cap is the best way you can streamline your closet space.

4     Clothes

Now for the toughest item on the list! Take all your clothes out of your closet and start organizing them according to seasons. Keep your fall and winter clothes in a different pile than your summer clothes. Thick coats and sweaters should go into storage, obviously, but you might want to hold onto a couple of light sweaters or hoodies for spring. Arrange your hangable clothes by function. Office, party, casual, it’s up to you.
Arrange a system that will work for you. Some people color code their clothes, but if that’s not your thing you can devise your own arranging method. Use your drawers and racks in an optimal way. Fold all you non-hangable clothes like jeans, t-shirts etc neatly fold them and put them in the drawers. Don’t forget, your lingerie or socks. Buy drawer organizers and neatly place them in each tiny little box.

5     Accessories and Jewelry

Buying jewelry pans, organizers, clear drawers can make your morning routine go so much smoother. They will help you select an accessory in the fraction of a time that you spent before, due to an efficient organizing system.
These are some of the ways through which you will be able to master the art of dressing up for any occasion, because you are now the owner of a streamlined and organized closet.

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