Is Sushi The New Popcorn?


Is Sushi The New Popcorn?

In the past, sushi was reserved for special occasions like anniversaries. It was the preferred cuisine for supermodels and film stars, who were photographed by the paparazzi, occasionally, leaving high-end sushi places in Los Angeles.

But how the days have changed! Nowadays, it seems like everyone is falling in love with sushi. This Japanese dish is now, not only served in specific restaurants and sushi bars, but is also available in supermarket lunch boxes. The popularity of this amazing and tasty grub has reached the far corners of the world. The delicious combination of short-grain rice, rolled perfectly inside the seaweed, topped with an expertly sliced piece of fish, is like a firework of flavors in your mouth.

The fame of sushi has spread to an extent that it has become a household term. Most of the people will however, have difficulty relating to the comparison between popcorn and sushi. For the past few years, nachos were the new popcorns, perfect for a movie night or a game night. And now, sushi rolls are making a splash in the ready-made comfort food market.

You may not be aware of it, but “PVR Director’s Cut” launched a “Simply Sushi” restaurant, which is a standalone bar. Its location inside a movie theater gives it an opportunity to serve the movie connoisseurs with the perfectly assembled sushi morsels. At first, most of the people were confused, sushi in a movie theater? But don’t be fooled by its location. It’s not just some pop-up wanna-be Asian fast food joint. The authentic sushi morsels are prepared under the supervision by Chef Yutaka Saito, who rose to fame in New Delhi.

Even though Simply Sushi is a rather inconspicuous and humble establishment, the ingenuity behind the idea has caused a roar in the sushi world. The straightforward menu and the amazing ambiance allows the customers to eat the classical and vegetarian options by seating themselves at the counter, which has a direct view of the chef preparing their orders. If that is not their style, they can opt for the takeaway, portable boxes, which can be carried anywhere, even inside the theater. If you always wanted to enjoy world-class cuisine, while watching a movie on a gigantic screen, well, here’s your chance.

However, this is not the first time that a brand has tried to stylize sushi into an easy and more relatable fashion. Yasuhiro Mineno and Shinya Ikeda, two London based chefs, are making huge waves in the culinary industry. They are at the forefront, and are trying to educate Londoners in the art of eating sushi. Their restaurants Roka and Zuma have been under the spotlight for quite some time.

However, the words Sashimi, Maki, Wasabi and Omakese became part of the American vocabulary by the Americanization of this Japanese cuisine. Miami’s Katsuya, New York’s Masa and Urasawa in Los Angeles are the top choices for the sushi lovers across America. So if you are ever in these cities, don’t forget to visit these sushi establishments.
If you still haven’t tried the fresh and tasty sushi rolls, this is your chance. As opposed to popular belief, it’s not that expensive, well, not anymore. Major supermarkets sell sushi in readymade boxes, made fresh every day too. So next time you want to enjoy sushi, remember, it’s as easy as getting popcorn.

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